All About Me Preschool Activities Theme Ideas for Your Library Area

All About Me Preschool Activities Theme Ideas for Your Library Area

Book Suggestions for the Library

Below is a list of books about children and about families! You could find them at your library that is local or can click the title links to check out what is offered by Amazon.

(I LIKE Amazon, and yours there, they do send me a few cents–which supports my coffee habit!) if you choose to get

Exactly About Me Books

Listed here are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault

Now i will be Threeby Jane Belk Moncure–these are older books, most libraries have the collections. This particular series by Moncure has one for every single age Now I’m One! i am just Two! etc.

Now I’m Big by Margaret Miller

Books about Families

All About Me Preschool Activities Theme Math & Manipulatives > to help your Preschoolers develop their math skills and people small muscles in their hands!

Materials: Precut small people shapes (make many!) and lots of larger houses. This is often used in many ways:

The children count out and name the number of people that live in their residence and put them on a precut house.

You can easily program each homely house with numbers as well as the children then place that number of individuals from the house.

In different colors, the children can sort all the people by sizes, colors or match them to the matching colored house if you precut them.

The start of the year is a good time to introduce these concepts.

Provide an item in small and sizes that are largeballs, stuffed animals, cut right out people shapes) and then provide 2 boxes the one that says Big plus one that says LITTLE or SMALL. The children learn how to sort by size.

Make puzzles available that have families in them: both table puzzles and floor puzzles. If you do not have any, make one! Find pictures or print pictures from your own computer of families. Make a collage from it and then laminate and cut it out into large puzzle shapes!

Exactly about Me Preschool Activities Theme Music and Movement

Activities and Ideas to ensure you get your Preschoolers Movin’ and Groovin’!

How Can You Feel?

Have different tempos of music available. Play one song and get the children what kind of mood the songs is in-happy, sad, excited, scared, etc. The children then act out that mood through movement. Change the songs often and repeat!

Although health and nutrition could be a layout on its own, it really is great to remind the young children about remaining healthy throughout your All About Me Preschool Activities theme as well!

Play music and enable the children to participate you in some exercise that is healthy! “Let’s jog five times. Let us jump four times.” Etc.

Let me reveal one of my personal favorite exercise CDs (The song “Fun to obtain Fit” is fantastic!) that you could purchase at a good price at Amazon by clicking the image below.

All About Me Preschool Activities Theme Ideas for the Sensory Table!

Clean Up, Clean Up!

Add soapy water to your table and your dramatic play dishes, pots and pans, etc.

Include sponges and towels!

Exactly about Me Preschool Activities Theme Science > for your Preschool Scientists in Training!

Another reminder! an All About Me preschool activities theme goal would be to find out about the children and i was reading this their families AND for the children to know about their abilities that are own. Science gives them the chance to ask questions about their environment and about themselves.

All About Me Preschool Activities Height and Weight!

Materials Needed: a tape measure, a scale (for the young children to face on), paper and a pen

Weigh each child and measure their height. Record the results and make use of with all the Me Book activity in the Writing Activities section below.

EXTENSION: Tape a large paper to a wall and record regarding the paper each child’s name, height and weight. Leave it there all year. Re-measure nearby the end of the year! Our kids LOVE this!

Thank you Maribel from Fort Meyers, FL with this idea!

Materials needed: yarn, scissors, marker and tape or pen

Cut a piece out of yarn to measure each child’s height.

Attach a bit of tape with their name about it plus the measurment. Hang these from the wall.

Have the young children compare their height and discuss short and tall.

Repeat this again at the conclusion of the year and compare just how much they will have grown. I work with 3 olds and they love it year!

Provide plastic that is small (clear) with water inside them. Provide eye droppers and small cups of paint when it comes to children to test out color identification and color mixing!

Writing Activity >

Fold a piece of construction paper in two. Have the child trace his/her hand and then assist them to cut their hand out (try not to cut the folded side). When done, the tactile hand print should open like a book.

Allow the children write their name that is own on front and decorate the front.

The child’s name, their height and weight (obtained from the science activity in the Science Activity Section above) as well as their birthdate on the inside, write the date!

In advance, pre-print each child’s name on a piece of paper.

Provide sorters (shapes, macaroni, etc.) in order for them to cover the letters of these name with.

Miscellaneous Ideas for Your All About Me Preschool Activities Theme!

At the start of the year, send a household Collage request home. Let each family know that you’re taking care of an exactly about Me preschool activities theme and that this is the family part of that theme!

Ask each family to work alongside the child to help make a Family Collage. The Collage may have photo’s on it with loved ones’ names written upon it. It can be drawn by the child and family! This might be a family event together with purpose is to assist the children learn more about each other and each other’s families!

Provide the families a deadline for when they’re due!

As each kid brings their collage or poster in, invite that child to point out each picture and name the household members with their friends at circle time!

Family Project Send home a piece of paper that says:

“(childs name) is special to Mommy and Daddy because. ” Have the parents fill it out and come back to school to go within the exactly about Me book.

Thank you Jodif St.Thomas from Frontier, Saskatchewan, Canada for submitting this concept!

All you Pat N. for this idea! about me Book (Thank)

One of many ways my students and I get acquainted with each other is by making an “All About Me” book. The children and their parents select the packet up on
“meet the teacher” night, a week before school starts. You can find 11 pages similar to this is me, that is my family, i love the colour. An animal I like is.
At school I want to find out about. I want to be a_ that is____ when I grow up, I like to eat. I am ____ years old, I am special because.
The household and kids decorate these pages any way they desire and then send them returning to school two weeks later. Meanwhile, the young kids and I also use watercolor
paints and bling to decorate their covers. I also paint one of their hands while making a handprint regarding the back cover. Our school name and year are written on
the interior cover. The covers are done on cardboard so they really hold up and they are laminated as well. The front cover has a day that is first associated with child additionally the title

All About ___. I punch holes into the binding side and use zip ties to carry them together. These books are kept within the classroom all year and then go home
when it comes to summer. These books are looked at significantly more than the other books inside our classroom. Just thought I would share that idea.


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